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Glass Tempering System

Multi-Curved Bent

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N-3 Series Glass Double-Bending & Tempering System

Best Optical Property:  The quality is stable without scratches and waves caused by mechanical contact.
High Product Repeatability: The forming system is driven and controlled by servo motor.  Glass positioning is made without any deviation.  The product repeatability is high.
Reliable Control Program: The whole process is controlled by multiple servo-motor systems which are stable and reliable.  Glass can be automatically unloaded from the cold ring which is completed automatically.
Easy Change of Glass Types: The moulds can be made easily and the mould exchange is convenient.  The position adjustment can be made easily, accurately and reliably. 

N-6 Series Bent Glass Tempering System

Unique Forming Technology:
Flexible rollers are used for glass forming with automatic accomplishment of corner greater than 85 degrees.
Min Corner Radius:
The min corner radius is R = 100 mm and the min corner is 85 degrees. 

N-7 Series Bent Glass Tempering System

Unique Forming Technology:
Flexible-shaft forming technology is adopted and glass of irregular shape and with multiple curvatures can be bent and tempered.
Accurate Positioning Method:
Glass positioning is made with metal template as the reference to ensure accurate positioning.
Min arc radius:
Oppositeroll pressing is adopted for the upper and lower quenches and the min radius of 230 mm can be realized.
The Newest-type Driving Method:
Synchronous transmission is used at both sides of the conveying rollers to guarantee accurate glass conveyance and forming.
Variable Quench Strcture:
The lower quench can exchange between synchronous, asynchronous and free curvature change to satisfy the formation of more complicated glass shapes.