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Glass Tempering Furnace
Standard Configuration

N-1 Series flat glass tempering system
Complete range of specifications: Max glass size is 3500 x 12000 mm and min glass size is Φ60 mm;
Min installed capacity: Peak load is avoided for heating and cooling to reduce installed capacity. 
Perfect End-Products: The Products meet the standard of GB9963, GB9656, ECER-43 and ANSIZ97.1

N-2 & N-12 Series flat/bent glass tempering system
High product quality: Opposite roll pressing is adopted for accurate forming which is smooth without spherical surface.
Easy operation: Glass curvature is automatically controlled by computer without any mould. Whole-process automation is realized ofr production.
Minimum size: 200mm x 350mm, smallest curvature radius is 280mm. 
Glass sheet size: Maximum size 3500mm x 3600mm,