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Screen Printing Machines


This machine is suitable for printing on architectural and industry glass. Adopt imported synchro anti-sliding up/down conveyor, which makes the conveying stable, less noisy and durable. The original design makes the installation and adjustment of conveyer belt convenient and easy to maintain. Double orientation makes sure the contraposition of various shapes of glass is precise. Adopt IR circulatory system for dryer section which makes the temperature rise to 180℃.Meanwhile,adopt air jet system for the cooling section to control the cooling and make sure the products meet the industrial safety standard.

Special positioning method suitable for printing on all kinds of regular and irregular printing substrate, positioning accuracy is (0.1MM).Adopt Aluminum-Titanium surface for printing table with character of less weight and difficult to be deformed. Printing table is in division and with air cushion, suitable for both large & heavy substrate and small & light substrate. Adopt two safety equipment: both sensor and cylinder.

Cerigrafia Decorativa
This machine adopts new conveyor and precision positioning control, suitable for printing all kinds of different shapes of glass.Production line with the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system, goodwill touch interface, and display system with fault protection and optoelectronic devices. Head horizontal, vertical movement, using worm gear attached to the safety brake motor frequency stability of red, up and down smoothly