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Joison_Decorative_JS-GL1013SDThis machine adopts new conveyor and precision positioning control, suitable for printing all kinds of different shapes of glass.Production line with the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC control system, goodwill touch interface, and display system with fault protection and optoelectronic devices. Head horizontal, vertical movement, using worm gear attached to the safety brake motor frequency stability of red, up and down smoothlySPECS

JS-GL1326SD-Fully automatic Glass Screen Printing JoisonGlass printing machine, Glass screen printer,screen printing machine,screen printer,glass Printing Machine can print on

This Glass Printing Machine is suitable for printing on the architectural glass printing machine.
The are two operation models :automatic and manual,the operation is convenient and the machine can be controlled part by part.  Adopt imported sync anti-sliding up/down. conveyor,which makes the conveying stable,less noisy and durable. The first-created new design in China makes the assemble and adjustment of conveyor belt convenient and easy to maintain the performance

  • Double origination makes sure the contraposition of various shapes of glass is precise. SPECS

  • JS-GL1220SD-Fully automatic Glass Screen Priniting Machine JoisonDouble origination makes sure the contraposition of various shapes of glass is precise l Even pressure and automatic compensation system ensure the fine and precise printing
  • Adopt imported linear sliding rail and synchro toothed belt for the drive which ensure stable operation and realize continuous speed variation l Adopt PLC system to control systemSPECS

  • JS-GL1013SD-Glass Screen Printing JoisonWorking process: Glass automatic pre-orientation conveying precise orientation printing detection and glass unloading conveying dryer (connective and fully automatic)
    * Special orientation system is very suitable for complex shapes of printing substrates such as the front and rear sector glass of automobiles. And the orientation precision is about ± 0.1mm.SPECS