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Automotive Screen Printing


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Joison_Automotive_JS-GL1322STAutomatic high-speed shuttle-screen printing machine ,especially design for the automotive glass it is a new type of glass screen printing machine which integrates the loading,accurate positioning, shuttle transmission, automatic printing,and unloading inspection as a whole.and with high precision and high efficiency . its high-speed shuttle transmission combination of high-precision single-mode printing positioning system has greatly enhanced the speed of assembly line Especially for massive production of the triangular car windows, side-windows and the flat glass industry provides a perfect Solutions for high-performance, high-quality production conceptSPECS

JS-GL1012SDProgramme of automatic glass screen printing machine production line

JS-GL1013SD glass printing production line, it has glass transport, precise positioning, printed as a whole, are subjects of native technical indicators to ensure equipment, near-perfect print line configuration, taking into account various situations that may occur, customers can reduce part of the configuration as needed to reduce investment costs. Printing line designed for the unidirectional linear emission, taking into account the specific plant and workshop, you can choose to use turn conveyor changed direction.SPECS

JS-GL1218SDS- Glass Screen PrintingAutomatic high-speed shuttle Screen Printing for auto glass professional to create a set of poorly precise positioning, shuttle transmission, automatic printing, discharge detection one of the high-precision, high efficiency, a new type of glass presses.  Its high-speed shuttle slide transport model combined with high-precision single print positioning system greatly increased the speed of assembly line work, especially for mass production of cars triangular windows, side windows and industrial glass.The machine adopts touch screen human-machine interface control systemSPECS