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Architectural Screen Printing


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JS-GL2551SD For Architectual Glass

This machine is suitable for printing on architectural and industry glass. Adopt imported synchro anti-sliding up/down conveyor, which makes the conveying stable, less noisy and durable. The original design makes the installation and adjustment of conveyer belt convenient and easy to maintain. Double orientation makes sure the contraposition of various shapes of glass is precise.  Adopt IR circulatory system for dryer section which makes the temperature rise to 180℃. Meanwhile,adopt air jet system for the cooling section to control the cooling and make sure the products meet the industrial safety standard.Specs_ScreenPrint_Architectual

This is a high precise and efficient multi-color glass screen printing machine, which is composed of 1st color loading, stacking, precise positioning, shuttle transporting, printing, inspection, drying, 2nd color stacking, precise positioning, overprinting, and drying, and unloading functions. It is suitable for mass production on furniture glass, electrical appliances glass.
- Adopt man-machine touch screen for the control system

- Adopt individual precise positioning device for the multi-color printing system to insure the accuracy of overprinting.

- Adopt servo motor control system for the shuttle transportation.

-Automatic loading, stacking, unloading, UV or IR dryer system is optional.

Top-class model for high precision printing on glass panel.

2.4-post sliding table + unique belt take-off design, convenient for loading /unloading and upgrades output.

3.Motor-driven + linear rails, performs fast & stable run and accurate positioning.

4.Digital touch panel control for all function & pressure management, for easy operation & perfect print quality.

5.Full safety protection by failure diagnose + safe restoration systems.

6.Printing area:1300mm x 2600mm.Specs_ScreenPrint_Architectual

Adopt the edge to edge printing device and equipment for screen cleaning The edge to edge printing device is convenient for screen cleaning and prevent the operator from climbing onto table to clean the screen. The device shortens screen fixing and glass adjusting time effectively. The device improves the working efficiency and operation safety. Equipment of screen clean Considering of edge to edge (full edge) glass screen printing product, after printing many pieces, excessive ink stay around the edge, which cause bad quality. After 1-10 pcs edge to edge printing circulation, the printing head lift up and move to the set roll paper working table, the excessive ink will be absorbed, and the clean paper can roll automatically and repeat using.(Save paper and protect environment), all of the actions can be set in advance by the control interface and finish the cycle automatically.