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PVC Machinery: Assembling

Worktable for Glass Assembling STBA-2500
For glass assembling in plastic window manufacturing, and hardware adjusting of opening windows
Vertical structure, mainly composed of left and right clamping arms and adjusting device.
Simulated pvc window under the actual force in plumb working status, for glass installation and adjustment of frame and sash, realize desirable window open/close performance.
Work separately and corporately.

Air Pressure: 0.5MPa~0.8MPa
Air Consumption: 143L/min single cycle
Min. Processing Size: 350mm
Max.Processing Size: 2500mm
Overall Dimension: 3300mm×860mm×2400mm
Weight: 500kg

Rotary Assembling Worktable STF-2500 

For assembling hardware.
Horizontal position and vertical position can be turned automatically and operated easily.
Easy to operate.
On the vertical table surface, fixed the protective plastic bar to avoid damage.
At the horizontal table, fixed the pulley to move the frame smoothly.
Work separately and corporately.

Air Pressure: 0.5MPa~0.8MPa
Air Consumption: 32L/min single cycle
Worktable Dimension: 1800mm×2500mm
Overall Dimension (Vertical): 2500mm×1310 mm×1880mm
Overall Dimension (Horizontal): 2500mm×1630 mm×900mm
Weight: 300kg

Worktable for Plastic Window Assembling STK-2000
For plastic window and door assembling.
Under the worktable, fixed a working box, which can hold hardware and handle tools to be used.
The worktable surface installs anti-abrasion plastic bars to avoid the damage of window and to move window smoothly.

Overall Dimension: 2000mm×1300 mm×1000mm
Packing Dimension: 2200mm×1500mm×1200mm

Double Side Transporting Cart for Finished Product SCZB-2000
For transporting the frame, sash and windows.
Made of thick-wall square steel tube.
On the surface adhere anti-slip rubber strip.
Adopt industrial heavy-type universal-wheel, flexible rotating.

Overall Dimension: 2000mm×1000mm×2200 mm
Packing Dimension: 2200mm×1200mm×2400mm

Six Head Frame Assembling Machine ZJ6—3000
lIt can accomplish exact location and high-grade assembly of 口、日 and mullion.
With mould location device, the machine suits for all profiles installation.
Body adopts super rigidity design for high stability.
Adopt linear bearing motion for high precision.
Heads relevant position adopts screw mandrel’s rotation location for high precision.
Digital display location; Duplicate length has high precision.
Motor drives screw mandrel into rotating,; Head reaches the designated position rapidly; High efficiency.
Simple head design, high stability.
Height design ensures aesthetics and ergonomics which can reduce the operator s work.
Suitable for high-quality window and door batch assembly production.

Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Air Pressure: 0.5~0.8MPa
Max. Processing Height: 100(mm)
Min Processing Range: 410x1100(mm)
Max. Processing Range: 2400x3000(mm)
Overall Dimension: 4000×3200×1500
Weight: 1800kg