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PVC Cutting Machinery

lSJMC01: Profile automatic 45°and 90°cutting, suitable for window and door batch
lSJMC02: Profile automatic 45° , V notch and mullion cutting, suitable for window and
door batch production. It is the cutting unit of complex window production.
lAutomatic downloads and optimizes data and parameters, no manual input and
lAutomatic accomplishes profile holding, feeding and cutting.
lHigh efficient production of loading four pieces profile at one time by manipulator.
lImport spindle motor, high-quality processing.
lAdopt the linear bearing system for high precision processing.
lAdopt two-axis CNC system for high degree of automation.
lImport-driven system, closed loop control, high precision.
lFull adopt high quality electrical and pneumatical components with stability and
high reliability.
lCAD/CAM can be available by auto programming, processing selection and
communication with computer.
lBar code printer available, which accomplishing marked information of technics and
profile arrangement by print profile information in real time. (soft support)
lWith automatic discharge system, simple and convenient operation.
lWith automatic head material collection system, the working environment is clean
and tidy.
lWorktable and the body height with the ergonomic design principles, reduce labor
lLarge 17-inch control screen, together with the graphical interface, simple and
intuitive operation.
lSuitable for volume and high-quality production of complex window-type. 

lUp-cut saw for determinate angle and length cutting of PVC and
aluminium profiles.
lLargest work table, cutting ±45°a nd
90°d eterminate angle accurately and
lSaw blade feeding vertically with high cutting efficiency.
lAdopt the linear bearing system for high processing.
lHydro-pneumatic blade feeding to ensure smooth cutting.
lOperating easily and conveniently.
lReasonable design of the shield which ensure safety.
lFull adopt high quality electrical and pneumatic components which can pass UL, CSA and CE certificate, top international standard and reliable. 

lUsed for inner 45°~90°~outer 45°variable angle PVC and Aluminium profile cutting.
lThe cutting angle stopper can be adjusted to achieve the angle compensation.
lChop type feeding ensures high efficiency.
lEasy and convenient operation. 

lFor plastic and aluminium profile cutting, saw-blade up-cut feeding type.
lSuper big worktable; convenient for +/-45°, +/-15°, +/-90°cutting.
lThe feeding guide adopts high precision linear bearing system.
lAdopt Air-hydraulic damping cylinder for stable feeding.
lFlexible and convenient operation.
lReasonable design for safeguard machine cover to ensure security.
lThe entire machine adopts high quality imported electrical and pneumatic
parts and components; can pass UL, CSA, CE certificate. The security of entire
machine could reach the top international. 

lFor 90°V-shaped groove cutting.
lReasonable structure, safe and convenient operation.
lPneumatic driving, easy to operate.