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PVB: Architectural

Architertural PVB
Shot Back Test and Air Blast Pressure Destructive Test:  
  Sheet glass(5mm) Very dangerous because of the sharp glass fragments, Laminated glass with Bisn Film Neither shattered nor penetrated


  Bisn Film gives glass elasticity to absorb collision impact. The Common glass windows can result in serious injuries when it broken, but laminated safety glass is versatile in both preventing injuries from broken glass and   protecting the building envelope. Glazing made with BISN interlayer film that used in a properly designed system, reduces the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass clings to the interlayer upon collision impact. PVB interlayer not only can absorb collision impact, but also can prevent penetration when it was striking by sudden accidents. The all glass scraps were adhered on Bisn® interlayer film which like a spider web. The interlayer provides protection from dangerous flying or falling glass fragments. Between a person and glass-and prevents secondary injury even if the glass cracks, because there is no shattering.


PVB Architertural


  Bisn Film is hard to penetrate, even when an intruder tries to break the glass. Combining PVB film and Polyvinyl Butyral resin gives added strength. Compare with other common glass in resisting and assaulting performance, thick interlayer glass is better than thin's. Tempered interlayer glass has better striking performance than common interlayer glass and non-tempered interlayer glass. From the view of all safety glass in same thickness glass, increase thickness of Bisn ® PVB film also means increase ability of safety. Choose
Bisn ® Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer film to make bulletproof glass can keep out the attacks of the cartridge and bullet.

It is prefect for showcases and show windows for jewelry shops and other various stores. This glass is hardly broken even with a glasscutter, and prevents robbery.The specialized type of laminated glass has passed the security glass test specified in US UL Standards 752, and resists even gunshot from handguns or shotguns. In the China, laminated glass is commonly used in banks, post offices Application that takes advantage of the security performance of laminated glass is widely applied in ticket sales windows that deal with cash

Sound / Acoustic Solution

  Bisn Film blocks sound, offering better sound insulation properties than Single float glass, while Bisn high-performance film boasts an even higher level of sound insulation. Bisn ® PVB interlayer film has a good performance of reducing noise in the range of acoustic frequency and Bisn ® interlayer safety glass has a good result of sound insulation, it can weaken low frequency by traffic vehicle, children noise and plane noise, etc. Especially architecture glass with this kind of film has very obvious effects when located in airport, bus station, downtown area and both sides of road.

UV Filtering

  Bisn ® PVB interlayer film has good function as filter ultraviolet, because of it was added special auxiliary, the experiment shows, Bisn high performance film filters much of the mid-infrared rays in sunlight to control temperature increases. This kind of quality of product can protect furniture, plastic products, fabrics, carpet, work of art, and ancient historical relic and avoid harmful ultraviolet radiation.

  If you changed show windows to Bisn laminated glass, your goods will continue  to keep its value. Bisn Film is a transparent film, therefore your goods are seen very clear. Bisn Film guard arts and handicrafts from discoloration. Show windows for clothing and fabrics are the optimal.

Energy Conservation

  Because of Bisn ® PVB interlayer film is bad performance with heat-conduction, chose Bisn ® PVB interlayer film glass can reduce the sunlight and load of heater in summer effectively, the products can install in empty glass to improve security feature, also reduce conduction of heat inside and outside room. Among same thickness, Bisn® interlayer film glass has strong ability of heat insulation that depends on deep color and low transmittance.