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PVB Para Arquitectura

Bisn Film gives glass elasticity to absorb collision impact. The Common glass windows can result in serious injuries when it broken, but laminated safety glass is versatile in both preventing injuries from broken glass and protecting the building envelope. Glazing made with BISN interlayer film that used in a properly designed system, reduces the risk of injury from broken glass because the glass clings to the interlayer upon collision impact. PVB interlayer not only can absorb collision impact, but also can prevent penetration when it was striking by sudden accidents. The all glass scraps were adhered on Bisn® interlayer film which like a spider web. The interlayer provides protection from dangerous flying or falling glass fragments. Between a person and glass-and prevents secondary injury even if the glass cracks, because there is no shattering.


PVB Automotriz

 LSG made of 0.76mm PVB ( POLYVINYL BUTYRAL) film , sandwiched between two sheets of glass having same thickness. 10% lighter than tempered glass, reducing the overall car weight up to 4kg that depending on the size of the vehicle.

The enhanced structural resistance of laminated glass aids the safety performance of front and side curtain airbags during a collision.

Capability to add a variety of additional features, including anti-heat protection, enhanced acoustics, dark tinted and embedded antennas