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Laminated Glass Production Line

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    Lamination line based building block design idea has Automatic loading machine, Washing machine, Transferring conveyor, Automatic positioning station, Assembling station and PVB film Unwinding machine, Pre-pressing machine and Tilting table for unloading. It can be combined to meet customer requirements with different equipments.
 Automatic loading machine’s rotating arm driven by reducer and collect the data through encoder. The speed shifting smoothly and the sucking positioning well.
 Washing machine with good performance for Low-e glass. No dirt and water drops, water fog after washing and drying.
 Automatic positioning station has accurate positioning.
 Automatic cup suction unit adopts servo conveyor, good positioning less 0.5mm. The lifting can reach 300mm for checking glass.
 The PVB film unwinding machine can load 2 to 8 rolls film. Film releasing and collecting is controlled through button.
 Pre-pressing machine adopts IR-heater with air circulation system to get good temperature distributing. The Pressing roller adopts worm and gear driver to guarantee accurate thickness adjustment and no bouncing back when conveying out the pressing section.