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FORTEMP aramid tapes & ropes are the products designed especially to protect hot sheets of glass when being transferred onto rollers during tempering

During the thermal tempering process, the glass sheet is heated to around 650℃ and becomes softer. Soon thereafter the glass sheet exits the heating furnace and is rapidly quenched with cool air to strengthen it. When the glass sheet goes out of the heating furnace, it is transported on a series of cold steel rollers. These quench rollers are spirally wrapped with our Kevlar Oven Roller Tapes or Ropes, to prevent the glass sheet from coming into contact with cold steel parts that could damage and mark the hot surface of glass that is still soft.

Therefore, the Kevlar tape & rope is one of critical factor influenced the good surface quality of tempered glass.

 Kevlar on rollers
* 100% Pure Virgin Kelvar Yarn of Dupont USA
* Higher Temperature Resists
* Deformation Resists
* Excellent Durability
* Abrasion Resists
* Quick Delivery