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Insulating Glass Machine

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▲ Advanced Germany technology, main components adopts international famous brand, reliable performance, powerful function. Can produce double unit, LOW-E unit, extended unit, shaped unit, triple unit and so on.
▲ The line adopts air cushion working mode, environmental-friendly, better glass protection, best solution for high- level glass processing.
▲ This line adopts online gas filling system, high speed﹠efficiency, better gas filling effect.
▲ All electrical equipment and software adopts Germany Siemens original control system, humanization design, convenient operation, professional design, reliable performance.
▲ Safe and reliable buffer section and induction system connected with whole machines to monitor glass.
▲ Friction drives the roller wheel, steady transmission, little wear to roller wheels.
▲ Automatic identification of glass coating side, so as to control brush rotate speed and wash different kind of glass.
▲ Adopt professional LOW-E washing brushes, which can insure the steady rotary of brushes.
▲ Separate washing and rinsing cycle system, environmental protection﹠energy conservation; special air-knife design guarantees soonest drying effect.
▲ Adopt advanced frame mounting and assembly system, frame positioning precision.
▲ The conveyor before pressing robot has glass thickness and frame width automatic identification system, automatic detection, and adjusts the pressing pressure and distance automatically to guarantee the precise assembly.
▲ The pressing adopts Germany technology; unique vacuum system can ensure the reliable﹠steady suction of different size of glass. Guide screw and linear guide servo control system can ensure the precision location and assembly. 


• The operation is controlled by PLC system, Touch screen interface.
• Many aluminum spacer specification and size can be bended
• CNC servo controls the spacer feeding mechanism
•The aluminum spacer can be connected automatically
• The cutting saw will avoid the spacer interface intelligently
• Four spacer size storage location
• Large size aluminum frame bend accessorial adjustment function
• Different shapes can be bended in succession
•Stainless steel bending protector is split.

Design features:
1. Automatic sealing for different size rectangle Insulating glass, high quality sealing effect.
2. Automatic corners finishing by sealing gun wiper.
3. Special synchronous belt conveyor preventing the machine from contamination by the sealing agent
4. Automatic detection of IG thickness and spacer depth, adjust accurately the nozzle position and sealing amount
5. Adopt servo hydraulic system to control the accurate sealing amount
6. CNC multiaxis control, touching screen interface 

BUTYL Extruder Machine

1.  Main device are famous brand products imported from abroad.
2.  Butyl spreading is well-proportioned and the linearity is good.
3.  Adopts the unique hermetic piston device.
4.  Reasonable butyl spreading system and low pressure.
5.  Advanced device guarantees the best spreading effect on the arc aluminum frame.
6.  The distance of Glue nozzle can be adjusted follow the spacer size automatically.

1.  Adopts American’s GRACO technology.
2.  The pumps, the glue gun and other devices use Korea products.
3.  All the electrical parts adopt the import famous brand goods.


Product Description

1. Rotated deasil and anticlockwise configuration, easy to operate.
2. Different size of insulating glass can be processed.

The AGL25 auto glass loading machine adopts Japan Omron control system, Mitsubishi Servo motor, stable performance, precise positioning, wide touch screen, friendly pages, easy operation.
Two operation mode, automatic and manual.  The machine can be operated manually, easy and clear to operate.
AGL25 includes, machine structure, conveyour, vertical lifting system, horizontal move system, swing arm, vacuum suction system, and electrical system.
AGL25 auto glass loading machine is inclined vetical structure.  Back plate is made of carbon steel plate with plastic spray.  Machine is bendable for easy transportation with general container.
Conveyor system adopts frequency control motor with synchronous belt, glass can move balanced in proper speed.  Foot switch can start or stop the conveyor at any time according to working status.
The lifting system adopts servo motor control with synchronous belt.  The horizontal move system adopts servo motor contol with pinion and rack.
The swing arm adopts pneumatic system.  The swing angle (84º-96º) is controlled by cylinder. 


It is suitable for the edge-finishing of the raw glass for insulating glass.

The glass transfer is nimbly and convenient, the edge-finishing effect is good.

* It is used in the transmission after extruding the butyl on the aluminum frame.
* The operation is convenient; The performance of the whole machine is reliable.