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Insulating Glass Machine: Extruder Machine Spec

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jt03 Butyl Extruder Machine
Jt03 Butyl Extruder Machine

1. Main device are famous brand products imported from abroad.
2. Butyl spreading is well-proportioned and the linearity is good.
3. Adopts the unique hermetic piston device.
4. Reasonable butyl spreading system and low pressure.
5. Advanced device guarantees the best spreading effect on the arc aluminum frame.

Item Unit Value
Nozzle adjustable range mm 6~24
Dispensing pressure Mpa 12~18
Pneumatic system working pressure Mpa 0.5~0.8
Dispensing temperature ℃ 110~140
Conveyor belt speed m/min 0~25
Power supply Voltage V 220
Frequency Hz 50
Loaded power Total power kW 1.45
Conveyor power kW 0.25
Heating power kW 1.2
Dimension 3000mm×630mm×1025mm
Total weight 810kg