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Glass Machinery

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Glass straight line beveling machine is suitable for processing different thickness flat glass. With PLC Control, Processing result in high precision. Installed with stepless regulator to change speed, easy to operate. After processing, beveling surface is same as mirror surface.

Glass Straight Line Edging Machine
High speed glass round double edging machine processing line is used by two glass double round edging machines,one glass automatic transferring table and one glass washing machine;it mainly used for solar electrical glass grinding,glass automatic position,grinding,transferring piece and washing finished in one time. This processing line has characters of high precision,easy to maintain、easy to adjust,easy to operation,the max delivery speed of whole line can be 10m/min.

Glass Drilling Machine
Glass drilling machine combines function of automatically controlled and manual controlled.

Glass Grinding Machines
Glass special shape grinding machine is applies to rough and fine polish beveling edge, round edge, oval edge and pencil edge of simple special shape glass. The wheels can be quickly changed and replaced by main in vertical. When polishing round edge glass, three wheels are required to finish rough and fine polishing in due order. When grinding bevel edge glass, crude grinding, refine grinding and polishing are alternatively done by four wheels.

Glass Sand Blasting Machine
Series Sandblast Machine automatic system is made of touch screen and PLC. It can realize manual and automatic sand blasting function. It is easy for operation.

Glass Washing Machine
  Glass washing machine is special designed for tempering line, laminating line, coated glass line. It combined function of three step washing, used with frequency device driving system, which is easy to wash different size glass. Washing area installed with stainless steel or other special treatment steel. Optional for hard and soft brusher device, which is special design for hard LOW-E glass washing and solar glass washing. Machine can be design according to customer requirement.