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Glass Tempering Furnace

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Horno Para Templado F-Series Grid-Array Force Convection

Matrix Forced Convection Flat/Bent Glass Tempering Machine, F series, is a new type of tempering glass production line with several own patents. The machine consists in detail with the conveyors for the loading section, Matrix Forced Convection heating section, flat and bent quench/cooling section and unloading section. To the supply belongs the ventilator station with the air ducts as well as the control system of the machine. The new F tempering line has its distinctive advantage in producing high-grade tempered off-line low-E glass while remaining and improving the advantage of SC-1 in glass flatness and removal of stress marks. The machine is suitable for processing clear float glass, printed glass, low-iron ultra-clear glass, tinted glass, and especially for producing high level tempered off-lineLow-E glass.

Horno Para Templado Configuracion Avanzada
S-1 series glass tempering system is a new generation system that contains many patents developed by both Chinese and foreign specialists.it has the distinctive advantages in glass flatness and removal of stress marks,and it's praised as the 'completely-flat furnace', a new generation produce super flat glass without stains.

Horno Para Templado Configuracion Estandar
Complete range of specifications: Max glass size is 3500 x 12000 mm and min glass size is Φ60 mm; Min installed capacity: Peak load is avoided for heating and cooling to reduce installed capacity.  Forming technology by rollers make sure an accurate and smooth glass shape to bend tempered glass.

Horno Para Templado Doble Camara De Conveccion/Radiaccion
Dual-chamber convection/radiation glass tempering furnace combined with the advantages of both forced convection heating tempering furnace and radiation heating tempering furnace, have the strong points of not only high capacity, but also extremely good heating uniformity and glass flatness. From a technical point of view, this kind of glass tempering furnace is the best choice for glass physics tempering process.  As a high-end equipment, dual-chamber convection/radiation glass tempering furnace can give the high return back to your high investment, for reason of high production capacity and optical quality.  This kind of furnace can be used for the tempering process of all kinds from clear to low-iron and super low-E. Its glass products are the most suitable for high quality required facade, furniture, home appliances, solar panel and etc.

Horno Para Templado de Vidirio Continuo Plano/Doblado
Process ensures the finished glass is perfectly flat with zero marks, and achieves the best optical performance.  Productivity is several times the traditional oscillating tempering furnace.  Temperature increases steadily and smoothly, ensuring the glass to be evenly heated and thereby avoiding spontaneous breakages.  Continuous feeding, heating and quenching, greatly decrease the average power of consumption.

Horno Para Templado Multi-Curved Bent Glass Tempering System

N-3 Series glass double-bending & tempering system
Best optical property: The quality is stable without scratches and waves caused by mechanical contact 

N-6 Series bent glass tempering system
Unique forming technology: Flexible rollers are used for glass forming with automatic accomplishment of corner greater than 85°

N-7 Series bent glass tempering system
Unique forming technology: Flexible-shaft forming technology is adopted and glass of irregular shape and with multiple curvatures can be bent and tempered