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Glass Autoclave is key equipment in the sub-processing of glass for the making of simple sandwich glass and strong penetrating-proof sandwich glass that are used in automobile industry, aviation and space flight, construction and decoration, etc.

Autoclaves for advanced processing of glass made by the ChangZhou Golden Ring Machinery Co.,LTD,originated the first in China,are developed under a series of test and research,and on the basis of drawing on advantage of similar product of other countries.The equipment is used in hot-pressing of sandwiched glass with gumming material under designated temperature and pressure.Inseparable adhesion between glass and gumming material will then be achieved after cooling and the sandwiched glass is made.Therefore,being a kinds of main equipment for advanced processing of glass,such autoclave is widely used in the automobile,aeronautical and space-flight industries,as well as building ornamentation,where normal or super anti-penetrating sandwiched glass would be used.For time being,a series of product with Φ1.65m,Φ2m,Φ2.5m,Φ2.85m, and Φ3m diameters are available.The length of the autoclave can be designed and tailor-made to suit the user’s need.Autoclaves are manufactured on production line,automatically welded,100%nondestructive X-ray examination is carried out on welds of pressured parts.Test devices are advanced.production quality is stable and reliable.the hot-pressing process is automatically carried out in accordance with the designated processing curve,and alarm devices for over-temperature and over-pressure are provided.The automation of production process is height,and operation safe and nimble.